Stable complex showcases a decorative roof structure of exposed feature trusses made from timber and steel.

In designing a new stables complex for race [sporting] horses in Gauteng, MWLF Architects had the vision of creating a simple country-style building, inspired by a time when steel was often used in conjunction with timber.

“We came up with a truss that has timber at the top and steel at the bottom, an idea which evolved so that eventually the steel became more decorative,” says Grant Lotter, architect and director at MWLF.

Balancing timber and steel
Hi-Tech Nail Plate designed, supplied and installed the timber roof structure and coverage. “This was certainly not just a standard stable; it was an upmarket, high-end, decorative roof structure,” notes Hi-Tech Nail Plate’s managing director, Dave Anderson.

The exposed trusses were manufactured from a mix of laminated pine and laminated meranti timber with purpose-cut or laser-cut gusset plates and bolting.
“We concentrated on the size of the timbers and on how they met so that they were at the right proportion and weight within that space to balance with the steel. The purlins were also painted, the same colour as the underside of the Cromadek sheeting, so that the trusses stood out against the roof and became a feature,” Lotter explains.

Radiused roofs
The complex consisted of three buildings around a yard grassed area, which was built over a period of about ten months and completed in early November last year.

“What made the project both exciting and challenging, was that two of the three buildings are radiused,” says Anderson. “These curves presented some interesting challenges in terms of getting the roof sheeting to flow around the curved footprint of the building.”

Nevertheless, the project ran smoothly and the result achieved at the end of the day was exceptional.

“This was one of those interesting projects that go deeper than just normal, simple roofing. It was challenging, interesting and rewarding in the sense that you can stand back at the end of the day, look at the end-product and have pride in being part of what was created,” Anderson states.

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