A prominent manufacturer in South Africa continues to prove how innovation and dedication lead to growth and long-term success.

Innovations in formulation, application and aesthetics have seen resin-based flooring materials emerge as a firm favourite in commercial and industrial settings.

Decorative resin finishes, including seamless epoxy terrazzo and decorative stone carpets as well as vibrantly coloured self-levelling and artistically applied systems, are increasingly being specified in large-scale retail, education and entertainment venues.

Flowcrete South Africa is a prominent provider of resin-based floor and wall finishes, car park decking, subfloor screeds and anti-corrosion coatings with extensive experience in recommending decorative floor solutions for use in commercial environments.

The company is committed to working alongside large-scale developments during the design, specification, installation and after-sales stages to ensure that the ideal floor is installed to provide the site with years of reliable and attractive flooring that optimises the working environment.

The ability to specify the right product for the right job has been instrumental in Flowcrete South Africa’s success. In addition, there are more choices than ever before when it comes to colours and finishes. Seamless epoxy terrazzo can incorporate a wide range of decorative aggregates, ranging from glass, marble, flint, granite and mother of pearl, which are included in the coloured resin matrix and diamond-ground in situ to reveal a sparkling, eye-catching and one-of-a-kind surface underfoot.

Furthermore, the design flexibility of resin-based flooring is endless, with the capacity to incorporate bespoke designs and patterns as well as corporate logos and expressions into the surface of the floor. This provides clients with the ability to specify a floor that meets their unique design and style requirements.

Other decorative resin-based innovations include seamless stone carpets that have been designed to harness the natural beauty of the outdoors. These systems are best suited to offices, boutique stores and showroom buildings.

In turn, acrylic resin systems which incorporate a decorative mix of colourful floor flakes offer clients the additional benefit of fast-turnaround installations, minimising disruption to operations and any potential loss of revenue.

From a sustainability point of view, resin flooring is also able to satisfy a number of environmental considerations as it has an outstanding record for durability, with many floors typically lasting the lifetime of the structure. It can also be restored to its original lustre at a fraction of the cost of replacing the floor.

Post-consumer recycled content can be incorporated in the resin matrix to serve as decorative aggregates, plus epoxy and polyurethane resin materials are low in VOCs, non-porous and inherently do not support microbial growth, helping to improve the indoor environmental quality of a commercial building.

Other popular flooring lines from Flowcrete South Africa include its car park deck coating range Deckshield. Car parks, like no other structures, are subject to unique conditions which demand deck-coating systems proven beyond doubt in the protection of buildings subjected to multi-traffic movement.

Flowcrete South Africa’s ability to meet the complex needs of vast and intricate flooring projects was exemplified in 2014 when the company supplied 55 000m2 of its industrial flooring solutions to Iveco’s new Pretoria manufacturing facility, which was the largest flooring project in South Africa at the time – a prime example of Flowcrete’s ability to offer invaluable quality and service.