Sika’s high-performance concrete repair and protection products were chosen for the Loftus Versfeld Stadium refurbishment.

When the Blue Bulls Rugby Union contracted structural engineer Erhard Kruger of HGK Consulting to design an upgrade for the Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria, he specified Sika’s high-performance concrete repair and protection products for the job.

Large-scale repairs to concrete walls, including all vomitory walls, were done with Sikacrete-214, a high-strength, cement-based micro concrete with a maximum aggregate size of 9mm. It is ideally suited when the volumes required are either too large for conventional grouts or too inaccessible for normal concreting.

Overhead concrete sections to a depth of 35mm were repaired with Sika Rep LW, a cement-based, multi-purpose patching and repair mortar, while Sika MonoTop-615 HB, a cementitious, polymer-modified repair and reprofiling mortar was used for thick layer overhead repairs, up to a depth of 70mm. Both products offer high resistance to freeze/thaw cycling.

SikaTop Armatec-110 EpoCem was used as bonding primer and steel reinforcement protection. This cementitious, epoxy resin coating material provides extended open times for repair mortars and is certified for application under dynamic load conditions.

For increased cover and overall protection, SikaTop Seal-107 ZA was applied next. This polymer-modified waterproofing mortar slurry, incorporating special admixtures, protects against ingress and provides moisture control and increased resistivity.

The concrete box gutters at the stadium were treated with Sikalastic-152, an elastic fibre-reinforced, waterproofing coating, which, due to its high elasticity, can be applied to structures subject to thermal movement or vibration. In addition, concrete column heads were waterproofed with Sika Cemflex, an acrylic-based emulsion that is watertight, oil-resistant and ultraviolet (UV) stable.

Despite a prohibitive time schedule, the stadium’s vast concrete structures were rehabilitated on time and within budget.

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