New website streamlines wallpaper specification with tailored search options.


When specifying finishes for a project, one normally has a vision in mind of a specific look, feel and colour scheme. Finding finishes that match these requirements can unfortunately be quite a lengthy process, not to mention the countless emails needed to get specifications and other technical documents for the chosen finish, notes Jacques Lombard, director at local wallpaper distributor Wall Design.

“Fortunately finding and specifying the perfect wallpaper for any project has become a very quick and easy process thanks to Wall Design’s advanced new website for professionals. offers a suite of tools specifically aimed at helping specifiers find exactly what they’re looking for, along with any supporting documents needed in just a few clicks,” he says.

Some of the tools to quickly sift through over 5 000 products are:
• Colour Search: Click on the colour wheel on the right-hand side of any page to search for wallpaper in your chosen colour.
• Feel Search: If you have a specific feel in mind, try Feel Search (below the colour wheel) to search for silks, florals, geometric designs and more.
• Eco Search: One can also search according to eco-attributes, for example when looking for recycled wallpaper or vinyl-free options.

“Once you’ve located the perfect wallpaper for your project, you can download all the relevant specifications including fire and quality certifications, green credentials, hanging and maintenance guides and even an easy to copy and paste BoQ line description,” Lombard explains.

“Because the site is fully responsive, you are able to navigate it anywhere and on any device you have with you. Finding and specifying the perfect wallpaper has never been this quick and easy.”

Wall Design
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