Tyl-Pro iSeal Waterproofing is a cement-based, three-part system emulsion designed specifically for waterproofing permanently wet areas before tiling.

Tyl-Pro Adhesives has introduced a new locally manufactured product called iSeal Waterproofing, a cement-based, three-part system emulsion, designed specifically for waterproofing permanently wet areas such as balconies, patios and showers before tiling.

While conventional rubber or oil-based waterproofing systems require a minimum screed of at least 70mm thick to be applied on top of the waterproofing system before it is possible to tile the area, This could be problematic with other structures as the floor might not have the level to allow an additional 70mm thick screed, Tyl-Pro iSeal Waterproofing requires no screed, but can be tiled onto directly after only 48 hours. This reduces cost and saves time since the screed application and curing time is excluded.

Tyl-Pro iSeal Waterproofing is suited for both wall and floor applications in interior and exterior conditions, and is 100% waterproof and ultraviolet (UV) resistant.

The three-part application consists of:
•    Part 1: Tyl-Pro iSeal Waterproofing Compound.
•    Part 2: Tyl-Pro iSeal Waterproofing Liquid.
•    Part 3: Tyl-Pro iSeal Waterproofing Membrane.

“With our intimate knowledge and understanding of the tiling industry, we are constantly developing new reliable technologies to improve efficiency in applications, saving time and money while drastically reducing the weight of foundations,” emphasises Adriaan Steenkamp Sales Manager of Tyl-Pro Adhesives.

To answer a growing demand and provide even more efficient service, the Gauteng-based Tyl-Pro is going national. “We are currently commissioning a plant in Cape Town and have plans for other regions in the near future,” says Steenkamp.
“There are also other exciting and ground-breaking products that will be added to our range soon.”

Tyl-Pro Adhesives
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Website: tylpro.co.za

Technical specifications:
•    Non-flammable, freeze- and thaw-resistant.
•    20kg mix = ±20m² one coat application.
•    Minimum thickness = 2mm = two coats.
•    Coats must be cross-applied with one hour drying time between coats.
•    Full curing: seven days.
•    Can be tiled over after 48 hours.

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