With a primary focus on supplying roof and ceiling insulation products to the South African market, D&D Roof Insulations acts as a go-between for manufacturers, architects and quantity surveyors.
“We have agreements with manufacturers of various insulation products, some completely exclusive,” notes Bryn Doherty, managing director of D&D Roof Insulations.

“We work on projects right from inception, to evaluate architects’ needs and making sure that the correct product is specified from the start. Then we also engage with quantity surveyors, to ensure that the product is specified correctly in the Bill of Quantities,” he explains.

Product offering
D&D Roof Insulations supplies roof insulation materials fit for large-format steel roof structures with steel cladding, roof sheeting, side cladding and more. These include Isoboard and Lambdaboard insulation, which are suitable for over-purlin applications.

For years, D&D has also supplied into the faced flexible fibre-glass market, and has established its own brand – Starlite®, a glass-fibre roof insulation. “We also do a host of other glass-fibre products such as Aerolite, Spunbond, Energylite, Cavitybatt, Factorylite and Factoryboard, among others,” adds Doherty.

“Recently we launched another brand of polyester fibre ceiling insulation known as Starfibre™, which is a good option for the housing and retro-fit ceiling market.”

For the greater good
As a founding member of the Thermal Insulation Products and Systems Association of South Africa (TIPSASA), D&D is committed to the standards that govern the industry.

According to Doherty, not only is D&D committed to providing excellent service, but the company is also committed to helping the industry improve, grow and create a sustainable energy-efficient environment that promotes the fight against global warming, carbon footprints and establishing renewable energy sources.

“We constantly try to improve, develop and make things better, in all aspects of our business.”

D&D Roof Insulations
Tel: 012 800 3606
Email: info@roofinsulation.co.za
Website: www.roofinsulation.co.za

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