The successful new range of rigid core luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) by Traviata Flooring called FirmFit is marketed as “fit for when life happens”. The range is touted as the flooring solution that can handle anything that day to day home life throws its way.

What makes this range stand out from the competition is that it is not only water resistant, but also suitable for rooms with large windows and lots of sunlight. The strength and stability of the floor makes it fit for use in sun rooms, rooms with large windows and sliding doors, and even in rooms that have a high temperature from direct sunlight.

Great specs
FirmFit is three times more rigid than traditional LVTs, which means clients and installers won’t have to worry about sub-floor imperfections being telegraphed onto the surface. Its rigidity, strength and super strong locking system makes it a robust flooring solution for the residential market. These characteristics mean the flooring can be installed over larger areas than most LVTs without the need for breaks in the floor and unsightly transition strips. No expansions gaps are needed when covering areas up to 400m².

The product is highly resistant to accidental impact loads and to any indentation from static loads, thanks to its high density closed cell construction. This is another feature that separates FirmFit from other composite vinyl flooring products in the market, which generally have an open cell core of fairly low density.

Quiet and non-harmful
Besides being 100% waterproof, scratch resistant and completely pet friendly, the product’s SE and anti-bacterial coating protects against 99% of all harmful fungi and bacteria. Thanks to the cork sound-reducing backer, it is also exceptionally quiet. The core contains no plasticisers because it is made from limestone. It is also free of ortho-phthalates and any other harmful substances and is 100% recyclable.

Residential or commercial
While the local stock range features a 0,3mm wear layer and is suitable for residential and light commercial use, it can also be obtained with a 0,5mm wear layer for use in full commercial installations. Milady’s group is using FirmFit for all their revamps and new build stores.

Click here to view the FirmFit Introduction presentation:

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