Sports ball manufacturer Yegin Industries set out to install a creative and unique floor in its brand new office in Vietnam. In order to achieve the desired results, the company specified a selection of high performance resin flooring solutions from Flowcrete.

The new office, which is situated in the Long Giang Industrial Park in Tien Giang Province, is part of a large-scale, multifaceted facility that includes an administrative centre, production factory and chemical warehouse as well as utility areas, a canteen, car park, swimming pool and green spaces. Yengin Industries wanted to incorporate the theme of sports into the very fabric of the building itself. The dual purpose of this design scheme was to provide employees with a fun and enjoyable atmosphere while also creating the ideal environment to showcase its products to prospective clients.

The office’s showroom has a built-in basketball court and multiple staff areas across the building emulate sports courts and gyms to give employees the space and motivation to get active. The appearance and functionality of the basketball court flooring was a top priority as the floor would have to wow visitors and clients.

Flowcrete supplied a flooring build-up that was formulated to be robust and able to maintain its visuals for an extended period of time in order to achieve an impressive appearance as well as ensure that the floor would withstand people running, jumping and playing across the surface.

1 750m2 of Isocrete K-Screed was first applied in a 50mm layer so that the substrate would deliver a high-strength platform for the resin coating. Isocrete K-Screed is a semi-dry cementitious screed that incorporates a proprietary additive to produce an early drying, high strength screed.

100m2 of FlowSport with Deckshield UV Linemarker was also applied in the showroom and gym room to provide the bright colours and clear patterns necessary to create sports-court style finishes. This was specified to showcase the company’s “work hard, play hard” attitude. The resilience of FlowSport’s polyurethane technology was ideal for the gym room where employees would be exercising during the working hours.

The composite surface creates a synthetic and flexible sports floor that delivers a resilient and uniform surface with a cushioned effect for added spring as well as the easy-to-clean advantage of a completely seamless surface.

Flowfresh MF, an antimicrobial system, was also specified in light grey. 1 650m2 of this product was specified for hygiene critical areas of the building, such as office, canteen and dormitory areas.

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