R&D Contracting gives advice on how to increase lumen efficiency and reduce the maintenance costs of roofing systems.


While most buildings comply with the Department of Labour’s stipulation for the minimum amount of light required in a given space, the maintenance of commonly used roofing materials is often an unexpected expense. Fiberglass or PVC roofing, for example, can result in higher maintenance costs because polycarb tends to deteriorate more rapidly than steel sheeting.

David Williams, managing member of R&D Contracting, says there are more innovative and efficient ways to install a roofing system.

“By using only 5% of the site’s roof space, with the inter-dispersed use of standard diffusion polycarbonate sheets instead of steel sheeting, the lumen increase in a factory plant can be increased by 400%,” says Williams.

Natural light has been shown to affect a worker’s mood. Besides the financial benefits of installing such a system, as well as the ability to improve performance and the morale of building occupants, there are also a number of other benefits.

“Using our system will also add significantly to the image of your company — companies with strong corporate identities can use this modern system of new design and colour products available to create stronger brand awareness,” concludes Williams.

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