Rational green design saving you money

by Ofentse Sefolo
Rational green design saving you money

Rigifoam, a leading manufacturer of high-quality polyurethane products, is proud to be one of the first manufacturers in the industry to bring you their in-house rational green design service. This service helps to achieve optimal energy efficiency in your building, saving you construction and operating costs.
Available free of charge to clients
Shayne Lessing, marketing manager at Rigifoam, says through the rational green design service they advise on thermal and energy efficiency, as well as renewable energy, water and waste solutions. He says they calculate heating and cooling loads, annual energy and indoor temperatures, as well as annual energy consumption and demands of your building using certified software.

“The service is available to all clients free of charge and by using it, you can choose your own architectural concept and aesthetic features, energy saving measures and insulation levels to reduce costs in your building and meet your needs. We use HVAC design, perform a full HVAC simulation and send a report to the client with the modelling results,” says Lessing.

In-house advice on how to go green
Rigifoam uses the prescriptive (deemed-to-satisfy) path to compliance, where they advise you on what materials, components, design factors and construction methods should be used in your building to meet performance requirements. Architectural drawings with relevant information are used in the simulation run and a report is then sent to you, indicating the project description, modelling, methodology, compliance route and a summary of what is achieved.

Rational design services help to achieve optimal energy efficiencies, reduce time delays, and save costs in the construction and operation of buildings.

“We wanted to provide clients with this value-added service in-house to save them costs and time in having to outsource this service separately. By doing this in-house, the extra cost can be absorbed by simply specifying the correct product, design and method for the correct area of the building. We then absorb the cost of the rational green design,” says Lessing.

To find out more about their rational design services, contact Rigifoam today.

*Terms and conditions
This service comes with a fee, but it falls away should you accept their quote on Lambdaboard.

Tel: 010 110 9899
Cell and email: Lyle@rigifoam.com (national), 071 688 2681
Yolande@rigifoam.com (rational design / draftsman), 076 421 0455
Tristan@rigifoam.com (KwaZulu-Natal)
ronnie@rigifoam.com (Eastern Cape)

Website: www.rigifoam.com

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