With considerable interest in the importance of energy-efficient buildings, effective insulation products that can contribute to the efficient insulation of a building’s envelope are an increasingly important consideration for architects and roofing specialists.

Recent building regulations influenced by SANS204 essentially call for commercial and public buildings to meet the target of a 15% reduction of final energy demand by 2015.

Therefore it is important to understand how specific building elements can help to manage the heating and cooling of a building’s envelope, and therefore reduce the impact of seasonal demands on the energy grid for heating and cooling requirements.

When it comes to roofing insulation, the main challenge is to actually deal with radiation, which is the leading driver of heat transfer. Alububble, ATI’s signature product, is designed to resist or reflect radiant heat. The product has an ability to reflect up to 97% of radiant heat. With only 3-5% of the heat being transferred into the roof cavity, it becomes easier to provide a stable roof-cavity temperature and thereby minimise the energy required to manage the heating or cooling of the roof space.

Alububble is essentially a laminated layer of aluminium foil (which performs the radiant heat-barrier function), together with a layer of low-density polyethylene air cells (which perform the function of slowing down heat transfer).

The design and manufacturing of the product results in an insulation solution that offers excellent insulation properties and can act as a waterproofing membrane – an added bonus for building and site managers is that the product is easy to install.

Alutherm is ATI’s solution for heavy duty, bulk insulation requirements. Manufactured to the same principles as Alububble, Alutherm goes one step further by incorporating bulk fibreglass or polyester fibres as part of the thermal insulation solution.

ATI’s radiant heat-barrier insulation products have been endorsed by the Thermal Insulation Association of Southern Africa, and comply with the requirements of SANS 10400-XA – Energy Usage in Buildings. This  commitment by ATI to the design and development of products that contribute to the improved energy management of buildings offers architects, developers and roofing specialists a cost-effective insulation solution for building envelopes that need to be more energy-efficient with a reduced environmental impact.

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