Quick-setting adhesive for large format tiles

by Ofentse Sefolo
Quick-setting adhesive for large format tiles

TAL has launched a new tile adhesive specially designed for fixing large format tiles. TAL Goldstar XL is a quick-setting, high-strength product which has been developed in response to the global trend towards larger tiles.

Obert Rukato, Technical Executive at TAL, comments: “Our customers indicated that they needed a product with a longer open time in order to allow for the ‘double-buttering’ technique, where the adhesive is applied on both the substrate and the backs of the tiles, so we developed TAL Goldstar XL to have an extended open time of 30 minutes.”

The product is more workable, helping make the installation process seamless, preventing the adhesive from “skinning”, ensuring a wet-to-wet installation where the two layers “kiss together”. Classified as a C2TFE adhesive, it sets in 12-hours and is slip resistant, which is key for wall installations; however, mechanical bracing is still required for the full drying time. A longer drying time may be required for tiles over one metre in size. The company advises allowing at least 8-10 hours after tiling before trafficking or grouting.

To offer a full large format solution, TAL has extended their range of tiling tools to include suction cup holders as well as levelling spacers. A full set of specialised tile cutters, scorers and frames to hold and move large tiles is also available for hire at a nominal rate.

For more information, contact Tal:
Tel: +27 (11) 206 9700
Website: www.tal.co.za

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