Top management consulting company, Bain & Company, recently partnered with TC Design Architects to revamp part of their offices in 10 The High Street in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. Awarded the SAPOA Best Overall Development in Southern Africa (2010) and winner of various PMR award for the best medium sized architectural practice in South Africa, TC Design Architects was thrilled to be involved in a project for such a forward-thinking brand.

TC Design Architects were tasked with redesigning floor four and five, as well as half of floor three for Bain & Company. The brief that the interior design and space planning team received was to create an office that would offer more space and enable a great working environment for many consultants who are not always in office. The Bain & Company offices needed to be aesthetic, functional and practical for a large team of people who are often based on-site or need spaces to meet with clients and provide training.

Creating multifunctional and versatile environments for consultants

With this in mind, TC Design Interiors came up with a number of clever concepts to ensure a multifunctional and versatile environment for the company. Crystal Roussinov, TC Design Interiors’ interior designer, designed the offices in such a way that unoccupied offices can be used as smaller meeting room venues. Likewise, these offices can double as video conferencing or skype facilities to alleviate demand on the dedicated meeting rooms. The majority of the open plan furniture is ‘shared’ meaning that teams can pull together for short periods of time to collaborate on project-specific objectives and deadlines. Partitions have been used to create private spaces for training and other face-to-face interactions that the consultants conduct on a daily basis.

“Given the significant client requirements in a relatively small space, real-estate optimisation was of paramount importance. Through clever planning and leveraging of technology such as booking systems, we put the available real-estate to work by doubling up on its function,” says Crystal.

“Agile Working is a concept that ‘work’ no longer refers to a person’s place of employment, but rather a function. This function can often be delivered anywhere provided it contributes positively to an employee’s performance and output,” says Tim Prins, Head of Interior Design & Accredited Green Building Council Professional at TC Design Architects.

A variety of communal and ancillary spaces were purposely designed to further enhance collaboration, but more importantly to promote a change of posture which contributes positively to staff well-being while encouraging interaction.

“The integration of staff was hugely important to the client, given the cultural mix of employees from all over the world,” says Tim.

All planning was done in such a way as to promote views to the outside for all staff because outside views, as well as abundant natural light are both significant contributors to staff well-being.

Quality flooring products in the new office environment

A wide range of Belgotex Floors products were specified for this prestigious company. A total of 110m² of Davenport in Breadnut colour, 266m² of Mod Design in Argent and 1 240m² of Mod Design in Battleship, as well as 172m² of Westminster in Zimmer were installed at the revamped Bain & Company offices. One of the reasons why TC Design Architects chose Belgotex’s products was the company’s green philosophy as well as the eco-conscious benefits of their products.

“TC Design Interiors is one of the frontrunners when it comes to Green Star SA designed interiors and we were involved in the projects that received the first Five Star Green Star SA and Six Star Green Star SA certifications. Environmental sustainability is a huge part of our brand and we are always looking to partner with companies who have a similar philosophy,” says Tim.

“Belgotex uses green manufacturing methods and the fact that they are local helped us to reduce the carbon footprint of the project,” adds Tim.

TC Design Interiors also worked with Belgotex Floors on their new showroom in Pietermaritzburg, which has led to a good working relationship between the two brands.

“In the built environment, having a good relationship with everyone in the supply chain is important. I appreciate the customer service that Belgotex offers and I look forward to working with them again in future,” concludes Tim.

For more information, contact Belgotex Floors on +27 (33) 897 7500 or via and TC Design Architects on +27 (11) 784 3860 or via