Transition profiles that result in the ideal floor finish while ensuring continuous performance.

The Genesis range of transition profiles provides an extensive portfolio of both commercial and DIY products adding to performance, function and aesthetics. The Genesis transition profiles compliment floorcoverings through colour, design and material usage and are available in metallic and wood grain finishes.

The following Genesis Fast Fit Systems are both easy to fit and safe to use:

Aluminium flat cover available in metallic and wood finishes that incorporates an innovative hidden mechanical fixing mechanism. The easy-to-fit system is particularly suited for use where the flooring on either side of the gap is at the same level. It provides ideal finishes for junctions of different floorcoverings, be it tile, laminate or carpet of the same height. This transition will cover gaps between two differing floor finishes up to 30mm.

An aluminium rounded cover available in metallic and wood finishes that incorporates an innovative, hidden fixing mechanism. Due to the pivot system incorporated into the fixing system and the fact the cover is rounded, the TCR profile will accommodate height differentials of up to 20mm. This easy-to-install cover system makes the profile ideal for use between two floor levels such as carpets and tiles or tiles and laminates. The new base profile of TCR offers more versatility.

This aluminium two-part system consists of a gripper base section TBA and aluminium cover TCA providing the perfect transition from a tiled floor to a carpeted floor. The tops provide a retro cover system that can be fitted when the floorcoverings have been laid. As it is a screw-fix retro system it is easy to remove and replace should the cover become worn or the flooring require changing.  Alternatively, the tops can be used with an aluminium gripper base, which then gives an ideal transition between most types of hard flooring and carpet.

This product provides an effective transition between two different heights and is suitable for use with most smooth and hard floorcoverings. The Z-section makes it easy to compress, providing an effective transition between different heights and types of floor finishes.