The SSANDF turned to Sika when the Forest Hill Military Base in Port Elizabeth needed to be renovated.

When the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Forest Hill Military Base in Port Elizabeth needed to be renovated, Sika was approached to supply its top-quality products for a 1 800m² flooring project.

Since the requirement was for durable, easy-to-clean but aesthetically pleasing flooring in all storage areas at the base, Matrix Architects specified products from Sika’s reputable Sikafloor range. Industrial flooring specialist Krochem was appointed as contractor for the project.

The floor areas were primed with 45 ready-to-mix units of Sikafloor-161, a two-part, low-viscosity epoxy resin. Solvent-free with good penetration, it provides excellent bond strength and short waiting periods and may also be used as a binder for levelling mortars and mortar screeds.

Preparation started with a scraper coat over the primer coat, to fill any voids and prevent pinholing. That was then coated with Sikafloor-263SL topcoat (165 kits) to a thickness of 2mm. Sikafloor-263 SL is a multi-purpose epoxy resin binder suitable for concrete or cement screeds with normal to medium-heavy wear. As a self-smoothing and broadcast system, it is highly fillable, liquid-proof and provides good chemical and mechanical resistance.

After the floors were coated, the construction joints were sealed with Sikaflex-11 FC+, a one-part, elastic joint sealant and multi-purpose adhesive, consisting of polyurethane. Solvent-free, odourless and providing bubble-free curing, Sikaflex-11 FC+ is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and provides good mechanical resistance.

The SANDF can feel secure in the knowledge that its fully functioning Forest Hill Military Base has been renovated with highly durable flooring products that meet stringent international standards.