Profile Concrete Equipment – suppliers to the construction industry in Africa for over 20 years – has signed an agency agreement with French company Sisa Industry, which now means that in addition to its extensive range of quality brick and block making machines, it will also offer various Sisa products – all of which will be backed by Profile Concrete Equipment’s excellent technical support service.

This new product portfolio includes Mobnet industrial vacuum cleaning, Airchoc innovative de-clogging, Liftube conveyor belt sealing and safety optimisation and Gironet silo cleaning solutions.

Profile Concrete Equipment takes pride in its years of providing outstanding services and products in the local, as well as African, brickmaking industry, boasting a highly sophisticated range of concrete brick, block and paver manufacturing equipment.

The range starts with small manually operated machines capable of producing just a few hundred blocks a day, and extends to fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled plants with outputs in excess of 60 000 bricks per shift.

The Blue Machine is labour efficient – hydraulically operated and automatically controlled. The Yellow Range is a perfect machine for an expanding business that requires a high output to meet sales demands. The Green Machine is designed for serious medium-sized operations and can be used by an unskilled labour force. The Silver Machine is suitable for families, communities and farms – producing an incredible 400 to 1250 bricks per hour with only 5 to 9 people in operation.

For more information on Profile Concrete Equipment’s products and services, contact 021 552 1140 or email