Everything related to Vinyl was discussed in great detail at a recent conference with experts sharing their knowledge and expertise.

The biannual meeting of the Global Vinyl Council (GVC) was recently held and hosted by The Southern African Vinyl Association (SAVA), and was followed by the Vinyls SA 2014 Conference, also organised and hosted by SAVA.

According to SAVA’s CEO, Delanie Bezuidenhout, the GVC meets twice a year to share updates and pertinent information with partners from around the world, and to distribute these details to its members.

As a member of the GVC since 2011, SAVA shares the global body’s objectives of building awareness on the various benefits that vinyl products bring to society, correcting misinformation about the health and safety of vinyl, and defending the local industry and its products from unwarranted attacks.

“Being part of the GVC has allowed us to be part of an international network of experts that encourage knowledge transfer and international cooperation,” Delanie says.  

Proof of this was the willingness of 11 international experts to share the stage and their expertise on various matters relating to PVC manufacturing, its usage, as well as its recycling, with the South African community through the Vinyls SA 2014 conference. “This is the first time the Council has met on the African continent,” states Delanie. “Topics covered all aspects of PVC – ranging from formulation through to recovery and recycling.”

Keynote speaker Peter Willis, Senior Associate of the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership, reminded the conference delegates of the reasons why global society is placing increasingly stringent demands on a widening range of products, including PVC, and will continue to do so far into the future.

In turn, the second keynote speaker, Rishi Madho of SASOL, highlighted the growth, challenges and opportunities facing the local vinyl sector.

The rest of the day’s presentations were divided into three sessions, during which local and international experts shared the stage and their expertise around central and pertinent topics.

For more information visit www.savinyls.co.za