SAPMA may soon take its retailer paint course on the road.


The SA Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA) is investigating the feasibility of formulating and presenting special tailor-made training courses for the retail sector.

Deryck Spence, SAPMA’s executive director, says initial discussions with members in the retail sector have proved to be extremely positive. “It’s still early days, but we envisage meeting with a SAPMA retail group, finding out what their sales personnel particularly need training in, and then developing a special course specially formulated for this retailer’s needs.”

SAPMA’s training arm, the SA Paint Industry Training Institute (SAPITI), could take its course on the road, visiting rural areas where the hardware retailers have branches and providing training for their sales staff there. The standard five-day retailer paint course curriculum covers, for example, the functions and ingredients of paint, choosing the correct product, dealing with lead-based paints, project planning and preparation, painting of new and previously painted surfaces, health, safety, the environment, paint failures, and problem solving as well as legislation.

“All members of the paint and coatings supply chain could face prosecution for breaches of the Consumer Protection Act,” notes Mandy Linossi, SAPMA’s training administrator. “If untrained sales staff provide wrong advice to a consumer who then incurs losses to property, the retailer would land in serious trouble,” she states.

For more information about the scheduled dates of these courses, contact Mandy Linossi at SAPMA on telephone 011 455 2503 or email