The Shaw Contract Group launched EcoWorx backing in 1999 as the industry’s first fully sustainable, non-PVC carpet tile backing system.

This product provides significant value to clients, as it is lighter than traditional PVC tile backing – effecting an immediate reduction in shipping costs, landfill tipping fees and use of new raw material; it has low VOCs; is engineered for human health and safety; and can be recycled at no cost through Shaw’s Green Edge National Recycling Programme.

This product has made a tremendous industry impact by being 100% closed-loop recyclable – meaning it can be recycled as new backing again and again. More than 600 000 kg of EcoWorx has been diverted from landfills, and Shaw’s reclamation efforts have been recognised by way of the ‘Large Recycler of the Year’ award the Group received from Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) in 2007, 2008 and 2010.

EcoWorx backing is among the first products in the world to be assessed and optimised through the Cradle to Cradle Design Protocol to assess material toxicity in its products and production processes.

As a recognised industry leader in product stewardship, Shaw has been redefining the flooring industry for more than a decade with its sustainable products and its commitment to sustainable, responsible product design and manufacturing processes built upon Cradle to Cradle design principles. These principles also help ensure viable, responsible options for reclaiming, reusing and recycling Shaw’s products at the end of their useful lives.

Cradle to Cradle certification is one of the most rigorous sustainable product certifications in the world. As part of the certification process, a product’s ingredient materials are assessed for potential human and environmental toxicity at a level of 100 parts per million.

Certification is awarded based on a comprehensive quality rating system for assessment and continual improvement of products across five categories: safe and appropriately sourced materials, material reutilisation, renewable energy, water quality and social responsibility.

In 1999, Shaw introduced its EcoWorx carpet tile backing with Eco Solution Q Nylon 6 fibre, and more than 92,900,000 m² of EcoWorx carpet tile has been installed to date.

Optimised for human health and safety, EcoWorx offers performance superior to traditional carpet tile and, in addition to Cradle to Cradle Silver certification, is a low-VOC product, meeting CRI Green Label and Green Label Plus requirements, has 44% recycled content and contributes to the LEED certification.

EcoWorx works just as hard for the environment as it does for the floor, and when it reaches the end of its useful life, it’s recycled into more backing—without wasting a single ounce.

Unique attributes of EcoWorx

  • 100% PVC-free with Silver Cradle to Cradle Certification from MBDC, ensuring safety for human health and the environment.
  • Weighs 40% less than traditional carpet tile backing for ease of installation and efficient shipping.
  • Performance superior to traditional PVC tile backing with 8x greater tear strength, 5x greater tensile strength and 2x greater delamination strength.
  • Lifetime commercial warranty against edge ravel, delamination and moisture degradation.
  • 44% recycled content.
  • Contains low VOCs, meeting CRI Green Label and Green Label Plus certification requirements.
  • Backed with an environmental guarantee for Cradle to Cradle recycling.
  • High-Performance Cradle to Cradle technology—sustainability at no additional cost.