Office designs are becoming more flexible, combining both private work spaces and those that encourage collaboration. At ORGATEC 2016, some of the latest concepts, products and trends for the modern working world were on show.

With the theme “New visions of work”, the ORGATEC 2016 trade fair in Cologne presented innovations and trends for the modern working world. Many of the 671 exhibitors’ products and concepts proposed to meet the requirements of collaborative and flexible working spaces.

Solutions ranged from private, self-sufficient desks to furnishings that encourage collaboration, while promoting employee health and wellbeing. Systems for team and project workspaces and flexible solutions for digitalising work environments also attracted interest.

Full thanks and acknowledgment are given to Orgatec and Koelnmesse for the information given to write this article.

(MAIN PICTURE) Blå Station’s Ginkgo sound-absorbing wall decorating panels can be combined in many different ways to bring different landscapes indoors, while reducing noise and echoes. It is mounted on the wall with magnetic fittings and can therefore be moved around very easily.
© Koelnmesse GmbH, Harald Fleissner

Made out of BuzziFelt with cut-out shapes in patterns ranging from organics to geometrics to city skylines, BuzziSpace’s playful space dividers are used to regulate sound and create small sections in big, open offices.
© Koelnmesse GmbH, Andreas Hagedorn

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New technologies allow people to work from anywhere at any time, as shown by Mercedes-Benz, who presented its autonomously driving F015, which can be transformed from a vehicle into a place of private retreat to work, relax or communicate.
© Koelnmesse GmbH, Thomas Klerx

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With an understated design and swivelling shade, the Gravy LED Wall Sconce can be used for ambient lighting, task lighting and multiple other purposes. It also comes in a variety of finishes such as fabric, chrome and wood, and can be painted to match the interior.
© Koelnmesse GmbH, Andreas Hagedorn

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Ofita presented the innovative Versa collection of flexible, personalised and connected work spaces designed by Andreas Struppler. These new designs are characterised by versatility and include a wide range of elements to create modern, custom spaces.
© Koelnmesse GmbH, Thomas Klerx

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The art aqua stand staged landscapes of hanging gardens, water sculptures and feel-good oases as a platform for innovative office spaces. These help to regulate the room temperature and humidity, maintain a high indoor air quality and absorb pollutants, odours and sound.
© Koelnmesse GmbH, Harald Fleissner

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The Sonic Chair by designatics production GmbH, with optimised sound performance, three analogue audio input options and advanced cooling.
© Koelnmesse GmbH, Harald Fleissner

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