Gugulethu Ngwenya is the first woman to complete the one-year programme in installation at the PG SmartGlass Academy. This is a remarkable achievement, and she has an even more impressive story to tell – one that will certainly inspire other women to follow her in her footsteps in a field commonly associated with men.

A new sense of direction

In 2009 Gugulethu heard about Afrika Tikkun. After she completed matric, she went to college to study electrical engineering and after hearing about the learning programme at PG SmartGlass Academy, she applied for the one-year programme in installation.

“This programme changed my life in such a way that I even changed my career from that of Engineer to Installer,” she says. “I developed such a love for helping the upcoming generation to gain direction in life, especially children with matric without any career projections.”

She is still involved in monitoring the learners. Her role is to train them to work hard and live like a king.

Gugulethu Ngwenya is the first woman to complete the one-year programme in Installation at PG SmartGlass Academy.

Opportunity to become an installer

“I had a mentality that if you’re female, you can’t do some of the jobs,” she highlights. “I felt I needed to put myself to the test. It wasn’t easy; I had to change the way I see and think about things. I told myself that nothing will stop me from doing what the men are doing.”

Her PG Group coach supported her in every step. They believed in her and supported her when things were tough. She believes she is where she is today because of their support.

“There is no different career option for women who have the power to pursue their dreams,” concludes Gugulethu. “Women need to believe in their dreams. Be fearless. No one promised us the road to success will be easy, but we made it.”

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