Office PVC/vinyl flooring

by Madelein
Office PVC/vinyl flooring

Amari General Trading is the proud supplier of the heavy duty, high quality and fully flexible PVC/vinyl flooring range, that is suitable for offices, shops, factories, porta cabins, auditoriums and schools.

These feature a unique colour range and designs. The Robust, Matrix, Hi-Tech and Challenger ranges are products of superior quality at the most affordable pricing.

Their product features include the following:
• It is “P” rated, with a slip resistance of R9.
• The design enables quick cleaning and easy maintenance.
• It’s available with a PUR (Polyurethane) surface protection providing resistance against scratches and dirt accumulation.
• Rolls are available in lengths of 15 to 20 metres at a width of up to 2 metres.
• Thickness levels are 1.0mm to 2.0mm (3.0 mm can be produced at request and with certain order specifics)

They have also introduced a new designer range of Signature wall tiles for offices, homes, schools and prefabricated spaces.

For more information, contact Amari General Trading:
Tel: +27 11 314 3237/060 502 1121
Email: sales-amari@amaritrading.co.za
Website: www.amaritrading.co.za

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