Part of a mixed-use node north of the Mbombela, previously Nelspruit, central business district, Riverside Office Park was constructed using up to 900 000 of Corobrik’s Bergendal Satin Light face bricks and more than 200 000 Tuscan Blend pavers. The five office blocks and two parking levels are due for completion at the end of 2017.
Architect Reiner Fortsch of Fortsch+Associates Architects, notes that quality and appearance are two of the most important elements when selecting a product. For this particular project, he points out that the Bergendal face brick’s attractive light colour was a good match for the colour of the soil found around the office park.

“The brick has pinks and oranges, which makes for a very lively and warm brick. The finish is relatively smooth, but not too ‘machined’,” he says. “I personally have always been fond of the Bergendal range because it is available in various shades. I find the texture and colours appealing, and it is my preferred face brick which I have used on various projects before. Corobrik is a reliable company to work with, always ensuring the bricks were delivered to the site.”

The face bricks were used to give expression to the thick solid walls, which are a strong conceptual aspect to the buildings. They were used on the east and west elevations to guard against harsh sunlight because much lighter glass facades dominate the north and south elevations.

Fortsch adds that the Tuscan paver was an ideal choice because the attractive colour worked well against the face-brick walls, while its thickness ensures longevity with repeated use.

Corobrik’s commercial director, Musa Shangase, praised the building’s aesthetics, saying the choice of Corobrik’s range was ideal for the location.

“Nelspruit is renowned for its fluctuating temperatures, which can put undue pressure on building products,” he explains. “This is not the case with clay face brick because of the superior thermal capacity.”

According to Shangase, the only challenges encountered with this particular project were managing the stock and consistency of the product over the construction time frame, however, the end-result was exceptional.

“Riverside Office Park proves that the smart use and application of Corobrik clay face bricks promote efficient design, while the carefully plotted architecture – combined with all the relevant and complementing building materials – creates a really unique visual aesthetic.”

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Caption main image: Riverside Park at Extension 24 in Nelspruit has been constructed using Corobrik Bergendal Satin Light FBS with Corobrik 65mm Cedarberg Pavers.
Courtesy of  Fortsch + Associates Architects