Now is the time to market digitally

by Ofentse Sefolo
Now is the time to market digitally

With COVID-19 currently impacting businesses around the world, digital marketing has become even more critical in keeping your business relevant and staying relevant to your clients. Now is the best time to get your business service out at scale, as most people are currently in front of their devices; and if your business is not in front of your audience, your competitors are probably flooding their digital feeds.

Define your differentiating factor
JD Koch, growth digital marketing expert at Deegital, a digital marketing strategies company, says in this digital era, we are bombarded with information leading to choice fatigue – so being intentional with what we put in front of our audience is extremely important. He says identifying your ideal audience, knowing your business goals, defining the differentiating factor of your business and creating perspective are worth gold, as it is making your path to the market clearer.

According to Koch, a client interacts with your service because you offer a solution to his problem. Therefore the way you present yourself digitally needs to stand out from the crowd. He says everyone gets tired of seeing marketing pitches that look the same, so you need to consider what your business offers that others don’t, as well as the way you package your service to clients.

Make sure you add value

“Whatever you place in front of your audience, needs to be of value to them. Value-added content positions your business better, shows the marketplace your expertise and helps you to build stronger relationships with existing clients. This will make a lasting impression, even long after this pandemic has passed,” says Koch.

There is a big difference between a generalised advertisement and one that is intentional and creates perspective. The approach to gain the attention of a business executive is not the same as to get the attention of a student, and that is an art. If your business can relate to your audience, you will go far.

Improve efficiency and save money
According to Koch, the best channels to follow differ for each business. However, while exploring digital channels you might find there are alternative, improved ways of conducting business on virtual platforms, leading to unexpected improved efficiency and cost reduction. He says you could reach more people from the same budget with digital marketing as when you spend on traditional marketing platforms such as television, newspapers, flyers and billboards.

“Digital marketing has quick wins but is mostly a trial-and-error journey. Whoever takes the journey with you and deploys your digital strategy, needs to understand the clearest way to get your message across to your audience. It is important that you partner with the right professional, because the way they collect data is crucial to your success and determines how long it takes to get the best results. It’s like dating. It either works or it doesn’t,” he says.

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