New trading name for popular flooring brand

by Ofentse Sefolo
New trading name for popular flooring brand

The Flooring Network, established on the 1st of March 2020, will no longer be using the Van Dyck Floors brand name from now on.

In all sales and marketing material going forward, the company will be referred to as FLOORNET, with the registered company name, The Flooring Network (PTY) Ltd being maintained. With all their products and services housed at their new domain name www.floornet.co.za, they have also renamed and rebranded their social media platforms accordingly.

FLOORNET wants to reassure clients that its position and vision have not changed. With its passion for flooring, the company will continue to network and interact with its consumers to build long term partnerships.

Molly Persadh, FLOORNET’s Marketing Manager says, “Our new name is short and easy for consumers and specifiers to remember, just as our new-look logo and colours are simple yet powerful while being contemporary at the same time.”

Molly indicates that there will be a short transition period from the Van Dyck Floors trading name to the new FLOORNET branding. The company has requested patience and understanding while they transition to their new look.

Importantly, the change also affects FLOORNET’s contact details and Molly urges clients and service providers to please ensure that they have the new company contact details as per the posting on their new home page.

“We are continually striving to improve our product offering and to this end will shortly be launching more innovative products for both the residential and commercial market to ensure that all flooring requirements are available under our new brand,” Molly concludes.

FLOORNET is looking forward to the continued support of their loyal customers and specifiers.

For more information, contact FLOORNET:
Tel: +27 800 227 738
Website: www.floornet.co.za

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