Paul Jordaan has been appointed Project Manager for both the Polystyrene Association of South Africa and the Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA), with his specific focus being local waste management and especially plastics recycling.

Paul sees great opportunities for waste management in South Africa, with exciting innovations and initiatives taking place.

“The over-arching move towards sustainability on industry- and community level is profoundly visible. Current recycling figures in South Africa are also something that the country should take pride in, but these figures should also be used as a base to continue building a bigger local economy in the months and years to come,” says Paul.

The overall PVC recycling rate in South Africa currently sits at 11.3% as recorded by the recyclers. Flooring makes up 16% of the PVC recyclate market distribution, thanks to initiatives such as the flooring offcut recycling project initiated by Polyflor SA more than a year ago. PVC recycling in South Africa is largely focused on economically profitable areas, such as post-consumer and pre-consumer pipe and cable waste. Unless legal measures or voluntary agreements are put into place, the incentive for recycling PVC post-consumer waste remains low.

“In order to unlock the potential of waste management and recycling in this country, it is important that our communities understand waste management, and especially how the process of recycling works,” says Paul.

“The only way to release the potential for recycling plastic waste is by ensuring that it is made as easy as possible for citizens to recycle. It should be as simple as throwing something away. The increase in trash-for-cash and buy-back initiatives also illustrate the enormous room for opportunity, especially answering to the demands of job creation, transformation and poverty in the informal areas in South Africa,” concludes Paul.

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