An elastic, durable waterproofing liquid tanking membrane, abe.®proof liquid tanking is designed to waterproof most building substrates below ground level or covered surfaces.
It is a single-pack, solvent-borne, rubberised, liquid-applied waterproofing tanking membrane with superior tensile strength and good puncture resistance. This seamless, singular, detail-free membrane contains a minimum of 12% recycled material and low VOC levels that fall within EPA regulations.

Thanks to its extremely low water absorption, the abe.®proof liquid tanking membrane provides good resistance to natural groundwater, dissolved chemicals and pollutants. It can therefore be applied in cool, warm and humid conditions.

The two-coat application is easy to apply and fast curing. The second coat can be applied after just four hours, with full curing completed in 24 hours. It has excellent adhesion to most prepared substrates and no fabric reinforcement is required for standard applications.

Exposed surfaces can also be coated with abe.®proof liquid membrane UV topcote.

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Typical uses:
1.    Concrete curtain walls, basements and lift shafts (the positive side).
2.    Retaining walls, concrete or brickwork that has been plastered or sealed to render a fine wood float finish.
3.    Reservoirs, where below-ground tanking is applied externally.

Form: Liquid
Colour: Black
Finish: Gloss
Density: 0,98
Non-volatiles: 52,73%
Elongation (ASTM): 480%
Tensile strength (ASTM): 7,23N/mm²
Drying time: 4 hours
Water absorption: 0,08% (24 hours)
0,08% (48 hours)
0,5% (7 days)
Stability check at 35°C: 7 300cPs (initial)
7 300cPs (7 days)
7 300cPs (14 days)
7 300cPs (28 days)
Application temperature: 5°C to 35°C
Spread rate (WFT): 2m²/L (0,5l/m²)/coat
Number of coats required: 2