Belgotex Floors recently opened a new showroom in Melrose Estate in Johannesburg. The grand opening was held on 28 June and FLOORS in Africa Managing Editor, Liezel van der Merwe; Editor, Roxanne Mancini; and Advertising Account Manager, Santie Koch attended the exciting event.

The goal of the showroom is to provide a creative and design space that will appeal to all customers. A number of people within the company teamed up with a group of specialised architects, designers and contractors to create this unique space in the flooring market.

“It’s been a long journey and we are incredibly proud of the results. Six months and hundreds of hours went into making this new showroom a reality and I was completely blown away by the attention to detail, the immaculateness of the finishes and the way that it has all come together,” said Edward Colle, Director Specialty Products at Belgotex Floors, at the opening.

As a family run business, one of the core driving factors of everything that Belgotex Floors does is to invest in future generations. Edward said that the long-term benefit of the new showroom will have lasting impacts on the business as well as uplift the industry as a whole.

“Whenever we take on a new, big project such as this, our goal isn’t immediate financial benefit. We’re in this for the long run and the vision for the new showroom is to contribute to the design industry as a whole – both current designers as well as designers of the future,” says Edward.

Embracing change is the only way that manufacturers as well as built environment professionals can thrive.

“We’re constantly being disrupted by new technologies, products and competitors. Embracing change and adapting with the market is one of the ways that we will continue to set ourselves apart in the industry. We want to be the architects of the future and our intention is to be part of the design and construction conversation in South Africa,” says Edward.

Success isn’t a destination that needs to be reached, it’s a continuous focus on the future, says Jan Hofmeyr, Residential Branch Manager Johannesburg at Belgotex Floors.

“Belgotex Floors is on a journey of embracing change. We want designers to make this space their own. Designers and other professionals in the industry are invited to bring their customers here, stop by for a coffee if they’re in the area and use the space to connect with others. We look forward to the collaboration and innovation that will take place in this space,” concludes Jan.

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