a.b.e is the South African distributor of the internationally acclaimed Dow Corning sealants.


Dow Corning has developed a fast-curing, structural grade silicone sealant that is not only easy to use, but offers the benefits of conventional pump-applied structural glazing sealants. a.b.e. – part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group – is the local distributor of the world-renowned sealant.

The 400ml two-component pack of silicone is produced in Belgium and can be applied on-site during construction. Samantha Ferreira, sales and segment manager for silicones, sealants and specialist adhesives at a.b.e., says Dow Corning 121 is ideal for in-situ replacement of glass/insulated glazing units. The product will also be able to ensure that the costs involved with long-term use of scaffolding and related equipment are eliminated, thanks to Dow Corning’s fast-curing nature.

Achieve full adhesion within 48 hours
“The new sealant cures in deep section within 24 hours and generally achieves full adhesion within 48 hours, depending on joint design, substrate, temperature and humidity. This capacity for quick curing is important in remedial structural glazing operations and generally provides substantial time-saving benefits,” says Ferreira.

A further benefit is the fact that primers aren’t needed in order for the sealant to achieve excellent adhesion to glass and anodised aluminium. The sealant also adheres to Dow Corning structural sealants for re-glazing operations and meets all relevant international standard specifications for sealants.  

“Once catalysed, Dow Corning 121 cures into a medium modulus, flexible silicone rubber that can be used in deep, narrow joints to obtain a complete cure. The product is compatible with most pneumatic dispensing tools that can accommodate two 200ml cartridges. The air supply is by means of a portable six-bar compressor,” concludes Ferreira.

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