Introducing a new decorative screeding system designed to service light commercial and residential applications.

A new decorative screed developed by TAL X-Calibur was recently used as a final floor solution in a residential home in Copperleaf Estate, Benoni.

TAL X-Calibur X-Tech SuperFlow was developed in collaboration with TAL X-Calibur and Rock Solid Flooring and is manufactured locally under licence from X-Calibur Construction Chemistry Incorporated.

This new product is described as a cement-based, self-smoothing, decorative screed which is available in a wide range of colours and designed to produce a hard-wearing and seamless floor surface suitable for light commercial and residential interior applications. It is also rapid-setting and shrinkage-compensated. In addition, TAL X-Calibur X-Tech SuperFlow allows for fast-track installation, is casein- and protein-free, and easy to clean.

Tests conducted by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) show that TAL X-Calibur X-Tech SuperFlow has a compressive strength in excess of 25MPa at 28 days and is specifically designed to be applied onto concrete substrates. As such, the surface can be subjected to light foot traffic after just four hours and can be subjected to full service conditions after approximately 30 hours, dependent on temperature conditions.

Application of TAL X-Calibur X-Tech SuperFlow should be carried out only by experienced contractors and, when the screed is fully cured, it must be lightly scoured using a black scouring pad on a polishing machine to ensure a floor that is smooth and free from residue. Thereafter, a high-quality penetrating wax sealer is applied in two stages. Due to the fact that the wax sealer penetrates the concrete, it creates a natural-looking finish.

This new product once again highlights the fact that TAL provides quality construction solutions from concept to completion while offering screed and cement products that produce smooth, high-strength and hard-wearing floor surfaces.

TAL is also ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certified and its products are designed, manufactured and tested to TAL standards, assuring customers that products will perform to specification.