Not only introducing a superb new Wilton carpet collection, the recent launch of MONN carpets heralded a new era in quality carpet manufacturing with the entry of the fifth generation to a long lineage of carpet makers that comprise this branding, namely the three sons of Pieter Nouwens – Marcus, Oscar and Nicholas Nouwens.

FLOORS in Africa and invited industry guests attended the launch in Johannesburg (repeated in Cape Town) in a venue where graphically framed MONN carpets provided a stunning gallery exhibition for this major introduction to the local carpet industry.

At the entrance a giant sculpture of a rabbit diving into a pile of pure wool welcomed the guests and marked the start of an interesting launch.

Each range brought a bit of its character and inspiration to the event: a projection of moving clouds celebrated the joys of gliding – the inspiration for Navigator; woven on Wilton Wire looms from Belgium, Ganache was appropriately complemented by a spread of custom-made, diamond-shaped Belgian truffles; and an appreciation for music which influenced Cello’s rhythmic pattern was brought to life by an accomplished jazz band.

Nicholas Nouwens described the Wilton weaving process, explaining that “slower, heavier movements, like that of a wire loom, can be equated with a bulky, robust and refined carpet”, and with the help of the band he brought the steady mechanical ‘music’ of a Wilton wire loom to the launch.

Commenting on the launch, FLOORS’ Business Unit Manager Roxanne Mancini said, “The catering and the artworks were equally attractive and as a whole the event left you inspired.”