Need to know when specifying adhesives and sealants

by Ofentse Sefolo
Need to know when specifying adhesives and sealants

The success of any job starts with the correct product specification, which is closely linked to ensuring that the chosen product’s application instructions are adhered to.

This is the advice of Den Braven, whose sealants are renowned for their quality and technical capabilities. There are several other factors to consider and Den Braven highlights the following aspects.

Den Braven’s technical considerations:

• The strength of the bond between sealant/adhesive and surface is dependent on the following:
Surface strength, its suitability and pre-treatment.
Condition of the surface during application.
Tolerance of the surface to the sealant applied.
Deciding if a bonding primer is required.

• Expansion co-efficiency is important as there are differences between the co-efficiencies of various materials. For instance, plastics expand 8 – 10 times more than glass.

• Some woods, concrete walls, bricks, stone and cement fibres are porous substrates that allow sealants and adhesives to bond easier without necessarily requiring a primer.

• Non-porous surfaces may require primer.

• The ambient temperature effects the application process of adhesives. For instance, RTV1 silicone, polyurethane and hybrid sealants cure by exposure to ambient room-temperature and humidity.

Critical product training continues at Den Braven’s head office where the training room has been set up with large plastic screens – strict Covid protocol compliance.

These considerations highlight the importance of understanding the many aspects of sealant and adhesive application to ensure the sustainable and successful completion of a project.

For more information, contact Den Braven:
Tel: +27 11 792 3830
Website: www.denbraven.com/en-sa

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