The “Mutable Spirit” exhibition staged at the Triennale di Milano in Milan from 17 to 22 April saw Marmomacc Meets Design deliver its fifth edition by confirming its status within the scope of the Milan Design Week as the only experimental project involving natural stone and marble.

In achieving constant dimensional, cultural and technological growth, this unusual stone design exhibition has generated an impressive flywheel effect for the companies involved. On the strength of the prestigious stage at the Triennial show, these companies enjoyed the chance to dialogue with a large audience of qualified and interested visitors.

The exhibition gave rise to a multi-discipline course ensuring astonishing visual impact, where visitors were able to grasp the essence of the materials and projects on show through myriad variables in colour, consistency and decoration.

The designers and companies taking part in this project provided ample proof of their in-depth understanding of the theme of material mutability through highly unusual applications of natural stone.

The set-up of the exhibition guided visitors through a series of stop-offs, along which the projects are revealed one by one as the presentations emerge from the darkness. A fascinating dialogue between marble and light, texture and transparency.

Not only a visual but also a totally physical experience, where visitors – absolutely heterogeneous in terms of age and interests – were directly involved and invited to interact with the space, touch projects and stop and listen to the designers explaining their projects through video-interviews.

Visitor attention is captured by graphic signs and colourful, high-impact projections defining the spatial structure, accompanying them as they gather underneath the hollow cubes of the videos resembling so many small Cineramas.

“Mutable Spirit” was a unique occasion during the Design Week, ensuring experience of a “new” marble, a material renowned for its imposing character yet at the same time also for its versatility.