Supreme Moulding’s products offer a range of unique benefits, one being their sustainable attributes.

From humble beginnings 35 years ago, to a company that today provides employment to over 300 staff members, Supreme Mouldings has developed and evolved into a world class professional moulding manufacturer and distributor.

They supply skirtings, trims, flooring profiles and adhesives to the construction, flooring and hardware industries and also export their products to Africa, Europe, Russia, China and North America.

The company takes a firm stance on sustainable practises and as such all their Enviroline skirtings and trims are produced using 100% recycled waste polystyrene. “We are particularly proud of our recycling programme,” states Neil Edmunds, the Group MD. “This has allowed us to remain competitive in the global market and at the same time prevent enormous amounts of Styrofoam ending up in landfills in our country’s beautiful environment.”  

Currently Supreme Mouldings collects and processes about four Ellis Park Stadiums, stacked one meter high, with waste polystyrene every year. The company has also invested over R10 million into their recycling programme.

Beyond its recycling benefits, skirting and trims manufactured by Supreme Mouldings are also 100% waterproof, therefore no swelling or de-lamination can occur when exposed to water from wet mops or burst geysers. As such, Enviroline products are ideal for coastal areas with high moisture and humidity levels.

Enviroline products are also flexible and can easily bend to fit curved walls (within reason). They are easy to install using either glue or nails and are sold pre-finished, thereby minimising costs by eliminating the need for painting or staining.

These products are readily available, with the company offering a 24 hour turnaround time for local deliveries. In conclusion, Supreme Mouldings is one of the only companies that offers exact colour matching skirtings for hardwearing aluminium flooring profiles, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to offer a well-rounded and unique product and service.