One of the most popular items in the sales programme of Falcon Tiling is glass mosaics, but Falcon says these have changed so much over the years.

It was common to have a choice of one or maybe two sizes and one thickness. The colours used to be single colours and square shapes only. Now almost anything is possible with glass mosaics.

Falcon stocks a huge range of glass mosaics – in different sizes, colours, thicknesses, shapes and textures. Glass textured tiles vary greatly – from those with leaf and flower prints to coloured mirror and even glitter glass mosaics.

Then they are used in mixed colours with all different products from stainless steel and aluminium to natural stone or porcelain chips. There are even ones with real and printed shells.

Falcon has glass mosaics to fit with any trend, design, colour, scheme, style or tile. Remember, mosaics have the ability to make any project look more upmarket than it really is.

Anyone interested in learning more about glass mosaics should contact Falcon Tiling. Still family-owned, the company has an extensive sales programme that includes a full range of tools, profiles and mosaic tiles to meet the requirements of any application, wholesaling to the tile and hardware market.