Kleen-Tex South Africa offers a range of matting products for corporate clients & smaller businesses.

Kleen-Tex South Africa supplies a range of premium, hand manufactured mats to large, nationally established corporate clients as well as smaller businesses and individuals.

This includes standard entrance mats, custom printed mats with a company logo on it, promotional mats for events, or versatile, durable mats for any workplace. Kleen-Tex South Africa’s Jet-Print is one of the company’s many indoor products and is aimed at enhancing the image and appearance of entranceways, hallways and lobbies for businesses, offices, retail stores, schools, sports clubs, service counters etc.  

What makes this product so unique is the Kleen-Tex printing method of applying dye, which allows for fine detail, grades of colour and an impressive scope for creative design work. These mats also enable granular dirt to pass down through the pile, preventing it from sitting on the surface of the mat. This prevents dirt from being tracked into the premises as it remains in the mat.

Trini-Tex mat is another unique product offering from Kleen-Tex, which is solution dyed and comprised of cut-pile nylon and polypropylene blend with a non-slip PVC backing. It is made from three grades of Olefin to target different soil types that are typically trafficked into commercial buildings. It also removes oil, grease, dirt and moisture from shoes and is an easy maintenance, washable product.  

This aesthetically appealing range is available in three colours consisting of rich shades of black, grey and brown, making them ideal for interior or exterior (fully covered) entrances with the added benefit of a two-year guarantee.

Each of these products demonstrate what can be achieved when passion is infused with the latest in technological advancements. These aesthetically pleasing, high performance Kleen-Tex products ensure long-lasting solutions to client requirements.