Floors are an investment, and in all buildings they represent the most abused surface of all. They rarely get cleaned properly and when they do get cleaned the cleaning method and products are often incorrect.

Sometimes the cleaning product is correct but the method is wrong and the tile will appear dirty. So when faced with a floor that you are disappointed with, as dirt seems to be the problem, check that the cleaning method being used is correct.

A common problem is that certain detergents on certain floors need to be rinsed off. Heavy-duty detergents in particular need to be rinsed after use – particularly with floors that have a surface texture.

Often these sorts of tiles are designed with anti-slip properties and are used in areas where cleanliness is required. So the tiles are under more severe inspection.

Cleaning tiles with a surface texture means regular rinsing as part of the cleaning regime. If rinsing is not an option then picking up the dirty water that occurs during cleaning must be done by vacuum.

Another consideration in preserving a floor’s aesthetic appeal is to seal it if required. There are a lot of good-quality finishes for use on natural stone, terrazzo and polished or stained cement floors that cost more than others due to their superior finish and aesthetic appeal.

The benefits of natural stone floors are obvious. They last forever and can be restored, and thereby maintain their appeal many years after other parts of the building have become unfashionable.

If you are purchasing a premium floor tile such as natural stone, does it make sense to protect it with budget sealers? No! Rather get the correct advice from Tile & Floor Care (TFC). Visit the website www.tfc.co.za for guidance in selecting the correct sealer for the floor using their innovative new sealer selection wizard online. TFC has a wide range of sealers for all types of natural stone in the finish you require.

To provide customers with complete peace of mind, the following TFC products are recommended:

Tile & Floor Care Quick Clean: an economical, hygienic and neutral cleaner for frequent tile cleaning, containing antibacterial additives and especially effective on porcelain tiles. Easy and safe to use and is streak free, it contains no harmful chemicals, is biodegradable, and may be used on any tile and hard surface including sealed surfaces.

Tile & Floor Care Easy Clean: an industrial strength cleaner and neutraliser specially formulated to cost-effectively clean surfaces that have been soiled with oils, greases and general grime. Easy Clean is also used to neutralize surfaces after they have been washed with acids. 

Grout Off: is used to remove grout and cement stains from ceramic, porcelain, quarry, slate, terra cotta, sandstone and other acid resistant tiles and stone after grouting has taken place.