Renowned musician and President of Kravitz Design Inc., Lenny Kravitz, has designed a new wall tile collection in collaboration with Lea Ceramiche that offers a personal and contemporary interpretation of tridimensional décor.

The Goccia collection transforms the walls themselves, and the décor of the surface becomes the centrepiece of the project with the tiles serving as modules that create different tridimensional shapes playing on concave and convex rigorously in black and white. Light and shadow suggests the continuous movements of the water recreated in stylised shapes.

Kravitz says, “I wanted to create a design element that provides texture and movement to the living environment.”

With this project he has introduced unusual tridimensional textures in a glazed glossy and matte finish. Utilising Lea Ceramiche’s textile know-how, Goccia exemplifies elegant compositions with little ceramic sculptures that combine sinuous and circular lines to create sophisticated environments.

Goccia comes to enrich Lea Ceramiche’s wall tile range, introducing a non-conventional use of the ceramic material and taking it to the next level to embellish non- traditional environments like offices, lounges, dining areas and corporate spaces.