Lead or follow – the choice of flooring is yours

by Madelein
Lead or follow – the choice of flooring is yours

When it comes to trends, there are two options: you either set the trends or follow them. The direction chosen is completely up to each individual and project.

Flooring often sets the basis or foundation for individuality or personality and by using the right selection of flooring, each room can come to life with its own shapes, deliberately placed accents and colour.

Creative combinations

The EGGER range of flooring options offers just that – choices that allow one to follow the latest international design trends or to create a completely new bespoke, tailored room.

EGGER has created one of the most versatile ranges yet. By offering customers 9-décor options in 17 different variants, they have indeed super-charged the versatility. Each of these ranges is also available in either Design, Comfort or Laminate flooring materials, ensuring that no matter the floor’s intended use, it will be sure to offer the ideal solution.

EGGER Design, Comfort and Laminate Flooring are colour and decor-coordinated and each has the desired property: from water-resistant, to warm and quiet , to resistant and of lasting value.

For more information visit: www.egger.com

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