Lead-free for almost a decade!

by Madelein
Lead-free for almost a decade!

Many years ahead of South Africa’s total ban of lead in paint by October 2022, Plascon has been lead-free for almost a decade!

All Kansai Plascon Decorative Paint Products are lead-free and Kansai Plascon (Pty) Ltd fully supports the National Department of Health’s drive to regulate the lead content in paint and abides by the Code of Conduct as published by the industry regulator, The South African Paint Manufacturer’s Association (SAPMA). Plascon won’t need to change recipes by October 2022 as the company’s paints are already compliant.

As the leading paint manufacturer in South Africa, Plascon is proud to be at the forefront of proactively reformulating all decorative paint products as lead-free many years ago. Today, no consumer products in Plascon’s decorative paint range contain lead. All colourants used in Plascon’s Inspired Colour system are also lead-free meaning that all tinted products are therefore safe for use by consumers.

The reformulation of Plascon’s domestic offering as lead-free is part of Kansai Plascon’s ongoing commitment to green. Plascon accepts and acknowledges our responsibility, not only in creating quality products, but also in encouraging a culture that is dedicated to progressive and sustainable solutions.

“Green is not just a colour to us. We are actively committed to implementing environmentally considerate practices in every aspect of our business. Striving to inspire more ecological considerate decisions, we have responded to the challenge by innovating unparalleled sustainable solutions based on three key pillars of compliance, sustainability, and products,” says Head of Decorative Marketing Suvasin Moodley.

Plascon has successfully implemented Environmental Management Systems in each of its South African manufacturing plants, and attained industry leading certification at all of them. It has achieved and maintained its accreditation since 2005. Furthermore, in October 2007, Plascon was accredited with the Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

“We continue to develop and implement ground-breaking environmental processes to ensure that our future remains sustainable. We continue to pioneer environmentally sensitive products without compromising the exceptional standards and performance that we’re renowned for,” Moodley continues.

Further advancements to the eco-friendly portfolio include:

• Double Velvet Pure: A water-based decorative paint with air purifying technology.
• TradePro Roof & More: An APEO-free paint making it safe for the harvesting of rainwater for non-potable use.
• Velvaglo Non-Drip: A water-based enamel that excludes all solvents and carries added benefits of faster drying times, lower associated costs and minimal impact to the environment and the health and well-being of consumers.
• Plascon’s upcycled packaging: Introduces black buckets (to the premium range products) which are made of up to 70% upcycled material. The materials of old paint buckets are harvested to produce new ones of equal quality with a lower manufacturing impact.

These are just a few examples of Plascon’s ongoing journey towards creating better products – a journey which makes Plascon one of the most progressive paint companies in South Africa.

In July 2013, Plascon made a further commitment to review its existing specialized Industrial portfolio, which is not intended for the domestic consumer. These industrial coatings are for specialized use only and are not intended for Do-It-Yourself projects nor are they ever used for items such as children’s toys, furniture or bedrooms. Plascon does not directly supply any Industrial coatings to toy manufacturers. When used under appropriate industrial conditions the products pose no danger to the applicant or the public. Plascon has made the commitment to provide lead-free industrial formulations as an alternative and has informed distributors and industrial clients that these are available on the market.

Plascon fully supports the National Department of Health’s drive to regulate the lead content in paint and abides by the Code of Conduct as published by the industry regulator, The South African Paint Manufacturer’s Association (SAPMA).

Plascon has a long and proud history of innovation in the paint industry. Supplying paint and related materials to the industrial and commercial sectors as well as the retail market has made Plascon the country’s premier provider. A strong synergy of research, technology, people, products and partners has made this position of leadership possible.

To find out more about what Plascon is doing visit www.plascon.com.

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