In a perfect world, the client would be happy with the aesthetics and performance of a floor installation, everyone involved would be paid on time, and each party would be satisfied. The reality in the built environment, however, is often different.

Many times, clients have a picture in their mind’s eye of what the floor covering installation will look like. If this expectation isn’t met, mistrust and conflict arises. Even though floor technology has taken giant strides in terms of aesthetics, durability and ease of maintenance, and today’s floor coverings are safer and offer superior properties when compared to what was available a few years ago, it’s still possible that expectations aren’t met.

We look at the final product as being the sum of all the products and activities that go towards achieving the installation, but this is only half of the story. We also need to look beneath, where we could encounter substrates that turn a simple installation into a much more complex and challenging project. At some point, every professional flooring installer will encounter rough, uneven or friable screeds, or screeds that are wet or contaminated.

iTe Products offers the products required to overcome each of these obstacles. The company’s products have been developed to control the variables that could otherwise undermine your installation and include BONDiTe binding and priming agent, LEVELiTe self-levelling compounds, PATCHiTe patching compound and VAPORiTe moisture barriers.

To specify the right adhesive for your flooring installation, the nature of the floor covering, its intended purpose, and the environment in which it will be used needs to be assessed. The GRIPiTe adhesive range will provide a solution for each type of installation.

After the correct adhesive has been chosen, the installation of the floor needs particular attention. Ensure that the installer has the right tools because the tools have evolved along with the products that they need to be used with. They can make each job more precise, easier and more aesthetically pleasing.

There is also a human element that needs to be considered when installing a floor. How confident are you in the training and skills of the chosen installer? Installers are the backbone of the flooring sector and need to be supported with the best possible skills training so that they can carry out the perfect installation and give rise to that most elusive of beings, the completely satisfied customer. As products evolve, so the adjustments in recommended methodology need to be brought to the attention of installers. Training of floor covering installers is critical, which is why FITA enjoys the support of CETA as well as many of the major players in the built environment.

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