Cemcrete offers a range of innovative waterproofing products and systems that can be applied to any roof or ceiling. One of their products, RoofPaint, is an excellent roof-coating product and was developed to cater for specific waterproofing product needs.

One of the most vital parts of a roof that needs to be fully secured is the outermost layer, as it is constantly exposed to natural elements including harmful UV rays, hail and general weather abrasion. This was kept in mind when Cemcrete’s RoofPaint was developed. The coating has been adopted to meet these needs by containing mica and silica for maximum film protection against UV light and weather abrasion. RoofPaint is available in 16 different colours and accommodates popular colour choices such as slate, terracotta, white, grey and green to suit any design.

It is  a flexible product in terms of application as it can be used on almost any roofing surface including cement/concrete and new or old corrugated iron roofs. This top-of-the-range coating system serves as a primary waterproofing system.  

Sealing the deal
To make sure that a roof is sealed tightly, one can also use Cemcrete’s Roofseal that complements their RoofPaint coating product. Roofseal provides an exceptionally durable and strong membrane system that is easy to apply.

This product can be applied on concrete, bituminous felt, timber, galvanised iron, asbestos cement and foam cement. It is the perfect base for RoofPaint, as it seals the roof and allows for the paint to last longer.

With Roofseal, weather is not a problem anymore as roof tiles cannot be misplaced because it acts as a binding agent. The system is made of a tightly woven polyester membrane that is highly effective when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Not only can Roofseal be applied to the entire roof, but it is also suitable for use on a specific problem area. This product extends the lifespan of a roof and its flexibility allows for Roofseal to be a substitute to paint, as it is available in six different colours to meet any design requirement. Both applications assure superior waterproofing as alternatives to generic waterproofing products as they were designed specifically for roofs and ceilings.

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