Systexx Premium is an exciting new fibre-glass wall covering product that combines technical abilities with aesthetic appeal to design creative wall finishes. This product is a brand manufactured by Vitrulan Textileglas GmbH in Germany.

Fibre-glass wall coverings are extremely popular in Europe. Vitrulan produces more than 4-million square metres of it per month. A local company, Genius Concepts, was looking for a high-quality innovative product that would fill a gap in the market. They decided to import Systexx and introduce it to the South African market because Systexx represents the very best and most innovative of fibre-glass wall coverings available.

Genius Concepts match up to the uniquely high standard of Vitrulan’s Systexx by implementing its own training program for applicators. Training is done at its training facilities in Somerset West, Cape Town. With their own quality assurance management team trained in Germany, Genius Concepts is able to assist all its applicators with full technical and practical back up to guarantee each project’s success. Any technical questions or issues that architects and specifiers have are dealt with quickly and, if necessary, Genius Concepts has the full back up of Vitrulan with more than 25 years’ experience in this industry.  

The raw ingredient
Quartz sand is used as a raw ingredient to create fibre-glass yarns. The yarns are then woven into patterns and coated to make sure the fabric keeps its structure. These natural raw materials are available in an almost inexhaustible supply making Systexx a fully environmentally sustainable product.

The benefit of Systexx wall coverings
Unique to Systexx is that the adhesive is pre-applied on the back of the product. When applying the product to a wall, the adhesive can be activated with water using an Aqua Quick machine. This means that one always has the right amount of glue and makes Systexx easy to install on plastered walls, previously painted walls, drywalls, fibre cement boards, wood and even metal. Installation is always clean and quick.

Made from fibre-glass strains that are so strong that Systexx premium can withstand 20 kilonewton force without a scratch. That translates roughly into two tons of force and allows clients to protect and reinforce all internal walls in high traffic areas typically for hotels, offices, hospitals, clinics, schools and public buildings.  Maintenance is easy- allowing for easy cleaning and limited repainting, saving time and costs. This wall finish is water vapour-permeable, contributing to a healthy room climate.

Systexx is abrasion- and scrub-resistant, which is very important in heavily frequented areas such as hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Cracks that are formed due to shrinkage and movement can be prevented or covered by this wall covering.  The product can cover cracks of up to 3mm horizontally and 1,4mm vertically. Setting cracks in new plasterwork are a thing of the past because Systexx can be installed directly onto drywalls, eliminating the need to plaster while still delivering on a perfectly smooth result.

Systexx Premium complies with the fire class B-s1 d0 as tested by Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN). This means that it’s flame-retardant and does not release any hazardous gases in the event of a fire.

Systexx Premium is paintable and can be painted over up to ten times. It is completely non-toxic and food safe and is suitable for allergy suffers. Systexx Premium is Oeko-tex level 100 certified – the same standard that is given to baby clothes – making the wall covering completely harmless. All these benefits are tested by TUV Nord, an international provider of inspection and certification service. The results were so good that Vitrulan decided to give a unique 30-year warrantee on its Premium range. Such an assurance is a first in interior design finishes.

Genius Concepts
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