a.b.e. Construction Chemicals has introduced several new features to its product packaging to grab attention and add essential information on retail shelves. The packaging has been revamped to be more eye-catching and give potential purchasers relevant information.


South African construction chemicals company, a.b.e. Construction Chemicals, recently announced that it has given its product packaging a facelift in order to provide consumers with more vital information about the products. Not only has the packaging been revamped to be more eye-catching on the retail shelves, but the information on display contains four key new elements, explains a.b.e.’s general marketing manager, Stephen Rault.

“Our new packaging includes Quick Response (QR) Codes, key feature tags, category and application specific pictures as well as the a.b.e. sustainability pledge,” says Rault.

The QR codes on all a.b.e.’s products are particularly innovative, meaning the potential purchaser can simply scan the QR code on the front of the pack with his or her smart phone and get instant access to a comprehensive data sheet.

The coloured, key feature tags on the front of the new product packaging was chosen to help consumers spot the products they need from a distance.  

Key feature tags of the new product packaging include:

Quality guarantee specific.
Sealant and adhesive specific.
Enviro-friendly specific.
Added properties specific.

“The category and application specific pictures on the product packages was created so that the consumer can determine the specific product’s application and see what category the product belongs to,” says Rault, before adding that packaging is extremely important when it comes to protection, storage and hygienic handling of a product – but it can also help to sell a product.

“The hardware retailing trade has welcomed a.b.e.’s new packaging, which now provides the most effective form of advertising at the most critical point in the purchasing journey: the point of purchase,” commented Rault.

a.b.e. spent a lot of time researching what consumers wanted from packaging. The research showed that a distinctive, unmistakable and eye-catching appearance is a signal at the point of sale to which all consumers respond positively. Their research also indicated that packaging needs to give the purchaser the relevant product information they need to make a purchase.

“The last factor that we took into consideration, was innovation. Specific user benefits are incorporated, such as the QR codes that link the buyer to the comprehensive product datasheet via the website; as well as the key feature tags and images, which help the consumer to spot the product differences, product category and application easily. It’s the same industry-leading products, now just smarter and more user-friendly,” concludes Rault.

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