Technical Finishes has been amongst the leaders in the field of surface preparation and protection since 1989, and has developed a reputation for delivering results to meet its clients’ demands promptly and effectively. The company takes pride in being able to provide solutions for the most testing conditions such as chemical and harsh environmental exposure.

The customers’ requirements regarding industrial flooring differ vastly depending on each unique set of circumstances in respect of the age of the floor to be coated (new or old substrate); the final specifications (e.g. HACCP compliance, chemical resistance, high impact resistance); and the budget available to invest in the finished floor.

The success of any installation is determined by the planning and preparation effort put into place prior to any product application based on these needs. The integrity of the substrate to receive a finish coating or screed determines the performance capabilities of the working surface and it is here where 95% of the effort is invested to ensure success.

This is the area in which most failures find their source. The saying “the teeth are great but the gums must come out” is very apt with respect to floors.

Technical Finishes provides a range of unique products specifically designed to ensure that a surface is repaired and prepared to provide a permanent bond between the substrate and the new overlay and furthermore give the necessary support for the working conditions the finish is to be exposed to.

This includes unique primers and surface repair compounds which will cope with a wide range of circumstances encountered in the field including oil and/or poor concrete installation. Technical Finishes cannot emphasise enough the importance of surface preparation.

Technical Finishes has a team of qualified and experienced technical support personnel who will assist in providing a solution to meet your specific requirements, but when installing a floor it is important to remember that the applicator carrying out the installation must be competent and diligent in the initial preparation of the floor.

The final product will be ruined by poor attention to detail when preparing the substrate for the new floor. Technical Finishes has approved selected professional applicators to work with its unique range of products, and assists with training their staff and monitoring their work, thereby ensuring that the finished product meets the client’s initial expectations.

Contact one of the technical sales representatives based at either of the manufacturing facilities of Technical Finishes in Gauteng or Cape Town to assist you in fulfilling your individual industrial flooring requirements.