How to add dimension and verve to interiors with rugs

by Ofentse Sefolo
How to add dimension and verve to interiors with rugs

Whether you are trying to convey an air of ambience and luxury or need a statement piece to generate a ‘wow effect’ among visitors, there is a rug that can do the trick. The new Multi-flor Rug Collection offers everything from warm and cool tones to natural and flamboyant hues, beautifully woven in both trendy and traditional designs with a strong European influence.

Besides being highly functional, rugs add dimension, colour and verve to interiors. Many designers will agree that a well-chosen and well-placed rug is often the cure for a hard floor or an open space that does not have an architectural focal point. Rugs also have the ability to unite furniture and décor elements to make a statement. They are smooth underfoot and appeal to our sense of sight and touch.

The rugs offered by Multi-flor are machine woven from polypropylene, which provides excellent insulation and contributes to energy saving by reducing the amount of heat needed to keep a room warm. Polypropylene is also naturally stain and fatigue resistant, which ensures longevity and durability.

Interior designers who need to spruce up an existing space on a budget can create a new look by adding an area rug to enhance a space aesthetically and practically, without removing walls or breaking the bank. Unlike room furnishings, wall paper or a paint job, rugs can be interchanged, moved or stored, depending on the latest décor trends or your client’s preferences.

When making your decision, consider the purpose the space serves, and make your colour and style choice after that. Whether you’re looking for a functional solution that will withstand the everyday wear and tear of a home or office environment, or a show-stopper, look no further. If more than a rug is needed, Multi-flor offers a wide variety of flooring solutions, including laminates, luxury vinyl tiles and planks, Multi-Quartz vinyl tiles (SABS approved), artificial grass, interlocking tiles and much more. Their ranges are sustainable through depth of stock and are readily available by means of national distribution channels.

For more information, contact Multi-flor on +27 (11) 865 6200 or via www.multi-flor.co.za.

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