New construction techniques in the fast-growing business centres of the Middle East and Asia have led to the development of high-tech cladding and glazing products for their modern facades.

The introduction of a wide range of these new-age glazing and cladding products from a local supplier, FG Trading, now enables local architects, engineers and contractors to adapt their designs and push the boundaries of local facade  building in line with international developments.

Stuart Fraser, managing director of Johannesburg-based FG Trading, recently returned from a decade-long stint managing high-profile facade projects in the Middle East. While overseas, he handpicked a range of world-class products that was previously unavailable in southern Africa and recently introduced them to the local market.

At the same time, he is using the knowledge and experience gained on high profile projects in the Middle East and Africa to bring new techniques to the aluminium, glazing and architectural industries. In order to ensure that the local market gains the full benefit of using these high-tech products, Fraser and his team will be providing full technical back-up and production advice if it is needed to ensure customer success.  

The product range includes world-renowned Tremco-Illbruck glazing products such as structural silicones, adhesives, speciality sealants, glazing tapes and facade membranes. Additional aluminium and glazing products are also sourced from trading partners to meet more particular requirements in specific applications.

Flame-retardant, non-toxic composite cladding  
The company also stocks the advanced range of Alcopanel FR aluminium composite panels for use in the architectural cladding industry. The product features lightweight, strong construction combined with flame-retardant abilities that not only prevent fire spreading, but is also non-toxic in the event of a fire. Apart from being environmentally-friendly, it exhibits some unique features particularly in terms of its advanced coatings and colour options.

Alcopanel FR panels are available in a wide variety of colours including the popular white and silver variety, as well as a range of new vibrant colours to suit modern requirements for indoor and outdoor applications. The range’s colour uniformity is unmatched and ensures that buildings don’t look patchy or become faded in places over time. The wide range gives architects and specifiers a whole new dimension of colours.  

Matching demand
“Working in the Middle East in the peak of its development gave me the opportunity to explore new technologies and work with architects and suppliers to find solutions to design and construction problems,” says Fraser.

He adds that on his return to South Africa he decided to leverage the strong relationships that he had built up with a number of global suppliers and negotiated distribution agreements with them for the southern African region. “Along with the experience gained we are already working with a number of the country’s top suppliers to support and enhance their production and construction techniques,” concludes Fraser.

Full acknowledgement and thanks are given to FG Trading for the information given to write this article.