Saint-Gobain Gyproc has launched the Habito™ drywall brand with five times the core strength of standard plasterboard.

Traditionally, one would not hang anything heavy on a drywall, and the use of door stops was crucial to prevent indentations on the walls from door handles. With the launch of Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s high-strength drywall, Habito™, offering technical benefits previously unseen in the drywall category, these guidelines are no longer a must.

Habito™ is a building product solution which is unsurpassed in strength and durability. Its superior load-bearing quality allows for 15kg weight per screw used – which means that 150kg can be safely mounted using only ten screws.

Combining high strength, on par with that of a brick wall, with the benefits of drywall, Habito™ offers unique builder opportunities as well as home improvement options.

It absorbs knocks and bumps and isn’t easily damaged, making it an ideal solution for interiors in high-traffic areas where wear and tear is a concern. Fixtures can also be changed without causing unnecessary damage to the wall, so home or business owners who like to redecorate often can now move paintings, heavy fixtures or shelving as often as needed and at the same time be assured that long-term affixed items will stay as it is for years to come.

To add to an already extensive list of benefits, Habito™ also creates an effective buffer against excessive noise, creating peaceful and comfortable environments. What’s more, by adding insulation to the mix, the indoor temperature can also be regulated effectively.

Habito™ drywall is therefore also suitable for installation in many other sectors such as retail, as there is no need for pattressing, or in education and healthcare, where acoustics and durability are essential.

Using a simple score and snap method, it is easy and straightforward to install Habito™. The board can be marked with a chalk line, cut using a blade runner, jigsaw or Stanley knife, and the edges finished off with a jigsaw. Habito™ is then installed using Habito™ Ultrasteel studs and Donn UltraSteel tracks, after which Habito™ high-performance screws are screwed in at a low screw gun revolution through the boards and studs. This high-performance wall system is then completed by using Rhinolite multipurpose plaster to finish off the board.

Wall fixtures
No wall studs, battens, noggins, anchors or brackets are needed to affix heavy items onto a Habito™ wall. Instead, items can be screwed directly onto the wall. Fischer butterfly screws are recommended for affixing very heavy items such as kitchen counters, while standard chipboard screws are sufficient for use when mounting medium-weight items such as a television. Habito™ high-performance screws can be used when mounting lighter fixtures.

Quality assurance
All Saint-Gobain Gyproc Systems come standard with a system performance warranty that gives customers peace of mind that Saint-Gobain Gyproc products have been tried and tested, and are backed by over 85 years of experience and industry knowledge.

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