The Green Building Council of South Africa smiles upon projects applying for a Green Star rating that incorporate fly-ash when using concrete. A working partnership between Pronto Readymix Concrete and Ulula Ash established in 2009 makes it easy to comply with the Green Star rating requirements.  

Mark Hovy, general manager of Ulula Ash, says that with a product like dry mortars and especially plasters, it is imperative that the right combination of good quality raw materials is used in a construction project. Pronto Readymix Concrete provides plasters/screeds/mortars that is a Class II multipurpose render, which simplifies the wet-trade requirements of any site. Dual purpose mortars are well suited for face-brick applications and have a high colour consistency. The screeds/topping product is designed to achieve strength of 20 MPa.

Hovy says fly-ash is a material which is dry. He says Ulula Ash is a fly-ash producer who understands the needs of the industry and is able and willing to try new innovations. “Our fly-ash is the most consistent ingredient in the mix.” He says fly-ash is a rounded particle shape, which assists in the rheology and flow of the mix. “Our fly-ash is also very pozzolanic, which adds to the strength and durability of any cementitious system. This is important since cement is by far the most expensive ingredient in the mix.” Hovy explains further that fly-ash can also be used as a partial sand replacement. It is more expensive than sand, but it does not have to be dried which makes it ideal in a system such as the dry mortars/plasters. “An additional benefit is that the fly-ash is stored in a silo which takes up very little floor space.”   

According to Hovy, each ton of cement that is replaced with fly-ash saves about a ton of CO2 emissions. Pronto Readymix Concrete believes in broadening their scope and constantly looks for opportunities to develop their products by staying on top of market trends. They partnered with Ulula Ash to provide a more sustainable green solution to the construction industry. “We wanted to have a more sustainable approach to our mortars,” says Ettie Allen, regional manager of Pronto Building Materials. “Combining fly-ash with our dry mortars benefits the environment by re-using a by-product that would have been dumped into a landfill.”

Pronto Readymix Concrete is a leading independent ready-mix producer in Gauteng.  It is a key supplier to commercial and industrial construction projects. Ulula Ash and Pronto Readymix Concrete is part of a bigger family and fall under Pronto Building Materials Ltd.

Ulula Ash was registered in 2006 with its main purpose to collect beneficiate and sell fly-ash to the South African building and construction industry. The company has a long-term contract with Eskom for the removal of fly-ash from the Kriel Power Station.

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