GreenSquared’s R3 modular roof planter system takes the hassle out of designing rooftop gardens.

Ideal for rooftop applications, the R3 modular roof planter system from GreenSquared permits endless garden designs.

Easy to install and maintain, the system can be pre-planted and pre-grown to either create instant green coverage or an area to be cultivated over time. Whether opting for a single species or a mixed, seasonal garden, it is easy to remove and replace sections when necessary.

Soil level raisers make it possible to adjust the depth of the soil according to plant selection and once removed, the continuous layer of soil allows roots, nutrients and water to spread across modules, forming one ecosystem. What’s more, the system’s elevated drain holes allow airflow underneath, which facilitates effective drainage and prevents excessive root growth.

The R3 planter can accommodate different irrigation systems, ranging from a dripper system to a surface sprinkler system.

Designed with the input of horticulturists, specifically to suit local conditions, it is also manufactured locally from recycled polypropylene plastic. The modules are guaranteed against structural defects for 30 years if the planter is covered by a minimum 20mm layer of soil.

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